Anetta Pizag

Through a love of travel and architecture, and noticing her own response to different environments, Anetta has developed a deep interest in how our surroundings affect who we are and what we do. As a design consultant, she is dedicated to creating physical work environments that positively influence people’s thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions.

While working in Europe, New Zealand and Australia for the past eleven years, she has seen hundreds of different workplaces, some of which were brilliantly designed. However, she realised that the vast majority of workplaces are disengaging and unpleasant, and conform to an old idea of an “office” that is no longer relevant today.

She finds it amazing what a huge difference even a small design feature can make in people’s performance and well-being, and even more amazing how often those design strategies are completely overlooked.

In her free time, Anetta loves exploring the outdoors, whether it is through walking, cycling, skiing, or travelling in countries where people live in harmony with their environment.