What is a thriving workplace?

Different people give different answers:

  • Business leaders say it enhances productivity and communication.
  • Marketing experts say it reflects the organisation’s values and brand.
  • Health professionals say it’s healthy and ergonomic.
  • Designers say it boosts creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Psychologists say it inspires people and makes them feel valued.
  • And many of us say it’s fun to work in and makes us proud!
In fact, a thriving workspace is all of these and much more!

Research shows that the space around us shapes how we think, feel and act, and can help us realise our full potential. Countless examples testify that companies with well-designed workspaces achieve significant returns through enhanced individual, team and business results.

Unfortunately, many workplaces are dysfunctional, unpleasant and unhealthy, wasting people’s talents. Businesses pay a high price for this, losing money, clients and credibility. Creating excellent working conditions is often seen as a luxury, while those who are ready to give it a go often struggle to find the right advice.

Create a Thriving Workspace speaks to business owners and decision makers who would like to make work a more fulfilling, rewarding and profitable experience in a positive, high-performance environment. This book is also a resource for anyone who wants to create a better work environment for themselves, their teams or their clients – whether they are looking into improving a current workspace or planning a relocation.

In this book, you will be guided through a simple framework and a comprehensive range of practical and powerful design solutions.

Create a thriving workspace, and watch your people dive into work with a smile on their face while your business grows its competitive edge.

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