While we incorporate architectural services, we also also engage other disciplines in our work to ensure that the workplace will support your best performance. Our number one focus is the success of your business, and the solutions we provide are based on our thorough understanding of your goals, resources, needs and challenges.

Our work starts with asking from you a set of very specific questions, that are usually are not asked or explored in a typical design process which only involves architects and contractors. We also bring together the knowledge and resources to create the space that serves you best – in all possible ways, and we do this by supporting those values that make your organisation thrive.

Architects typically work the other way around – they come with a standard solution, and then adapt it so that it fits within the project’s constraints. The outcome is very often a compromised work environment that ticks some boxes but not others. And the business owner / manager wonders – was it really the best possible solution they could get for the huge amount of money they paid for the new space and the consultants?