Creating thriving work environments


Reflecting the purpose, values and brand of the business


Facilitating effective operation and communication


Allowing people to focus, think clearly and work efficiently


Supporting a variety of work styles, activities and personalities


Helping people feel valued and cared about, happy and healthy


Supporting a vibrant culture where people feel they belong


Allowing the organisation to constantly adapt and improve

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  • Are you eager to create a workplace that gives your teams the best chance to achieve the seemingly impossible?
  • Would you like to see better collaboration between your teams and partners, more innovation and less friction?
  • Do you wish to work with self-aware, proactive people who know how to work to their potential and elevate each other?
  • Is it a good time to give your people the space, training and support they need to thrive?

Who is Anetta Pizag

I am a workplace design consultant and strategist, workstyle coach and author. I find it fascinating how our environments and habits influence how we think and feel and what we are able to achieve. My calling is to help people excel and find joy in what they do by making conscious and intelligent choices about where and how they work.

Why I’m here

I have seen and worked at a large variety of workplaces. I notice that the qualities of the space, and the ways we approach our tasks, can make a difference between having a good day or a bad day at work. I’d love to help people to get into the right headspace and do amazing work every day, by giving them training, guidance, and the environment they need to thrive.

What I do

I assist with the creation of human-centric, future-ready workspaces that enable people to effectively tackle the ever-changing challenges of work while maintaining a healthy body and mind. I guide and educate people to explore their unique work styles, and develop work practices that bring out the best in individuals and teams.

My approach

I work with business leaders, managers and team members as partners in the change process, and explore problems and solutions in close collaboration with them. I also consider scientific insights, proven design solutions and work practices, the results of pilot studies and experiments, as well as my intuition, when developing a tailored workplace strategy.

7 key qualities of high-performance work environments

My design strategies are based on how the most successful, consistently high-performing businesses work, how their workplaces are designed, and how they use the space. This is the foundation of my unique design model which focuses on 7 key areas of business and workplace performance. I make sure that every single aspect of the physical space – including colours, textures, materials, lights, sounds, room layouts, furniture, technology and media – supports excellence in each of the 7 areas of your business.

Create a Thriving Workspace

7 essential design principles for positive high-performance physical work environments

By Anetta Pizag

This book provides a comprehensive range of practical and powerful design solutions for business owners and decision makers who would like to make work a more fulfilling, rewarding and profitable experience in a positive, high-performance environment.

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