Creating thriving work environments

What is a thriving workplace like?


Reflecting the purpose, values and brand of the business


Facilitating effective operation and communication


Allowing people to focus, think clearly and work efficiently


Supporting a variety of work styles, activities and personalities


Helping people feel valued and cared about, happy and healthy


Supporting a vibrant culture where people feel they belong


Allowing the organisation to constantly adapt and improve

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  • Is your workplace aligned with the values of your business and the brand?
  • Does it support high performance, trusting relationships, and a culture in which people are happy to go the extra mile?
  • Do you intend to establish an environment from which the best ideas, decisions and actions can grow?
  • Are you looking to create a space that helps you attract talent and new business, retain key staff, and build a thriving work community?
  • Are you already planning to invest into a new office or an upgrade to your existing space, and want to make sure that your money is well spent?
Who we are

We are a design consultancy specialising in creating thriving work environments that support people’s positive work experience, high performance, and the success of the organisation.

What we do

We create work environments that are aligned with the vision and culture of the organisation, support performance and wellbeing, and ultimately contribute to business success.

Our approach

Our design model integrates the results of scientific research with the building users’ goals, culture and work style, ensuring that the workspace supports multiple objectives set by our clients.

Why we are here

We believe that our surroundings can support us to get in touch with our innate wisdom and make the most out of our opportunities, without getting overwhelmed by fast changes around us or losing sight of what’s most important.

Our design strategies are based on how the most successful, consistently high-performing businesses work, how their workplaces are designed, and how they use the space. This is the foundation of our unique design model which focuses on 7 key areas of business and workplace performance. We make sure that every single aspect of the physical space – including colours, textures, materials, lights, sounds, room layouts, furniture, technology and media – supports excellence in each of the 7 areas of your business.

7 key areas of performance

The essential qualities of BOTH workspace design and business performance

Book by Anetta Pizag:
Create a Thriving Workspace – 7 essential design principles for positive high-performance physical work environments

This book provides a comprehensive range of practical and powerful design solutions for business owners and decision makers who would like to make work a more fulfilling, rewarding and profitable experience in a positive, high-performance environment.

Book by Anetta Pizag:Create a Thriving Workspace – 7 essential design principles for positive high-performance physical work environments

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