We believe that our surroundings can support us to get in touch with our innate wisdom and make the most out of our opportunities, without getting overwhelmed by fast changes around us, or losing sight of what’s really important.

Our mission is to transform businesses from groups that come together for making a living into thriving work communities that deliver outstanding results in the spirit of ‘win-win’. We aim to achieve this through transforming people’s relationship with their work, and to help them pursue their true purpose with joy.

We would like to be known for creating workplaces where people love to go to, and where creating amazing results is easy and fun. Ultimately, we aim to leave our clients feeling ahead of the game, proud of their new workplace and their people, and excited about what’s coming next.

Our commitment

Our committment to our clients:

  • They are listened to and understood, and their specific needs, goals and values will be considered
  • They are part of a design process that is highly rewarding, engaging and enjoyable
  • They are in control, well informed, and supported at every step of the design process
  • We discuss workplace solutions in a way that is interesting, easy to understand, and easy to put into practice
  • We are focusing on possibilities, as opposed to limitations and obstacles
  • We speak their language, without using academic or technical jargon
  • We make complex issues look simple, and the process easy to follow
  • We are asking the right questions, and address performance and productivity from a perspective that is current and relevant to their businesses
  • We leave them feeling confident that they have made the right choices, and excited about the new era in their business

Our clients say

Anetta is a talented workspace consultant with an in-depth knowledge of the challenges many of us experience in our work lives. Her intuitive understanding of the influence that our surroundings can have on us, together with her ability to listen closely to my explanations, meant that she was quickly able to recommend a range of innovative (yet simple) strategies that have dramatically improved my home business office. Anetta is an empathetic and creative professional who has a genuine commitment to sharing her knowledge and passion for harmonious working environments.

Kirsty OgdenEpiphany Editing

The Hub is Australia’s first coworking organisation. After the Hub was funded in 2011, Anetta regularly offered expert design advice to the Melbourne team, and on occasions to the Sydney team, for several years. Her advice helped us make our coworking spaces more attractive and engaging, and better aligned with the Hub’s culture and values. She also had great suggestions for how to utilise our space better, and how to keep our space feel spacious despite the growing number of members coming into the Hub. Anetta always demonstrated expertise and professionalism, and I would gladly recommend her to anyone wanting to create a workspace that supports people’s best work, promotes innovation and problem solving, and houses a dynamic, vibrant community.

Jan StewartHub Australia

I could not be happier with the final outcome, which is an office that my staff and I were very excited to move into, and are still proud to show off to others. We feel that we have a real home for the business, as well as being armed with useful advice about how we can further develop our space in future. Thank you Anetta for taking this way beyond what I could have achieved alone!

Karen NgohHeart of Chocolate

Anetta designed an excellent workspace for our professional services practice. Our staff and clients love it and it has generated a whole new energy for our workplace. Anetta could not have been more professional, she delivered what we needed within tight timeframes. Anetta was great at not only accommodating our needs but helping us to think differently about the type of environment we wanted to work in. I would gladly recommend her anywhere.

Don SharplesSocom

Anetta supported the spatial design of our 450sqm Sydney practice; Huddle spaces. Anetta is an incredible individual. What immediately struck me was the depth and quality of Anetta's understanding our vision. Her flexible methods not only translated the intent of the business strategy, and essence of the brand into a viable space, but ultimately challenged and improved it. Working with Anetta has been an unforgettable learning experience, and one I would strongly recommend to any organisation looking to drive innovation, improve productivity, and lowering costs while enhancing their employee and customer experience.

Nathan WelchHuddle Design

I had Anetta work on our new office, and from start to finish she was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of design. Her brief was to design a space that maximized energy and encouraged free flow of ideas. Anetta's work was impeccable and absolutely met all aspects of the brief. She will definitely be designing our next office and I would recommend her to anyone looking to maximize productivity within their office.

Graeme IsaacsIT Success