Picture a workplace 2

Picture a workplace where every single element of the environment serves a purpose, and everyone is able to use every minute of their time wisely.

Picture a workplace 2

Picture a workplace where every single element of the environment serves a purpose, and everyone is able to use every minute of their time wisely.

What I do

I’m here to help you create a human-centric, future-ready workspace that enables your people to effectively tackle the ever-changing challenges of work while maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Through in-depth consultations with leaders, managers and team members, I also assist with the development of advanced work practices that optimise individual and team performance, enable agility and promote engagement.

I guide and educate your people to explore their unique work styles, and to make conscious, informed choices about when, where and how they engage in various tasks – whether working, socialising or relaxing.

The work environments and practices I aim to bring to life, as well as my consulting process, are geared towards developing and supporting thriving team members. I do everything in my power to make them feel heard and understood, informed and engaged, encouraged and empowered.

Clients who get the best results from working with me

Who you are

You’re in a creative knowledge-based business, which is a melting-pot of different skills, experiences and perspectives. You truly care about your people and want to give them the best support to flourish. You strive to create a great workplace where people show their real selves, work to their strengths, and achieve ambitious goals through powerful teamwork.

Where you’re at

As your organisation is evolving, your current workspace might not be serving you well anymore. You’re therefore looking to relocate or upgrade, or to find smarter ways of utilising the existing space. Or perhaps you’re in the process of adopting new work practices. Either way, you want to make sure that the changes will deliver great benefits both to your people and the business.

What you’re looking for

You can see how a well-designed workspace, aligned with effective work practices, can give your teams an edge. You’re looking for well-researched, reliable advice and smart but cost-effective workplace solutions, including options you haven’t yet considered. You need help tapping into the collective intelligence of your teams, with fresh eyes, to make this project fly.

6 steps to create a thriving workplace

My services

1. Investigate

It’s always worthwhile to start a workplace transformation project by looking into research. Where is your industry at, and where is it heading? What are your peers and competitors doing, and what results do they get? What does science say about the issues you’re trying to address and the solutions you’re considering? I’ll look for the the most relevant and accurate answers, helping you to make well-informed decisions.

Scientific research review

Industry research


2. Inquire

To be able to give you the best support, I will of course need to get to know you, your people and your business. What exactly do you do, and why are you in this business? What’s important to you, and what gives you a sense of achievement? What do your good days and bad days look like? What are your concerns and unanswered questions? What would you like to achieve, and how do you see the future? You and your teams know your organisation inside and out, and thus already have half of the solutions to the challenges you’re facing. So let’s start some conversations and bring the answers to light.



Observation studies

3. Inform

Even the most carefully planned workplace transformation projects can only succeed if people are willing and able to participate. However, in today’s climate, work is rarely straightforward. As work practices and workspaces are evolving at a fast pace, people need to approach work intelligently. They need to know when, where, and how to work on different tasks, and how to bring out the best in themselves and others. Instead of simply being managed, they need to be informed, educated and treated as partners in change. I look forward to being involved in an inclusive change process, engaging your teams and sharing knowledge.

Educational resources

Training programmes

Talks & presentations

4. Invent

Picture a workplace where every single element of the environment serves a purpose, and everyone is able to use every minute of their time wisely. A workplace that optimises individual and team performance while promoting health and happiness and creating positive experiences. This is what I’d like to help you create, with a solid, future-proof workplace strategy. At first I will identify key elements and qualities of the physical space, technological solutions and work practices, that will make your business thrive. As the project progresses, the workplace strategy will evolve and become more detailed, providing direction for all phases of the design and change process.

Workplace design brief

Workspace design concept

Work settings

5. Integrate

We are all wired differently, and need different environments, tools and strategies to tap into our genius. But it takes time and attention to really get to know ourselves and to figure out how we should approach work to maximise our potential. I’m here to guide you and your people to explore your work styles, both as individuals and as a team, and to help you develop smarter, more advanced practices. You could be surprised by what you can achieve in a short timeframe, and what obstacles you’re able to overcome, once you and your team master your own work styles.


Experiments & pilot studies

Work style coaching

6. Iterate

To achieve lasting results, I suggest that you cultivate your workplace with a similar mindset as your business. Would you like your people to develop new ideas, products and services with an agile approach, embracing continuous learning and improvement? If yes, then it also makes sense to experiment with where and how you work. Your workplace is not meant to be perfect or finished. You’ll get much further if you regularly review how your current environment and work practices serve the needs of your people and business, and make adjustments as you go. I’ll gladly assist you and answer your questions whenever you need; our collaboration doesn’t need to have an end date.

Post-occupancy evaluation


Ongoing support