Exploring your goals, values, communication and work style; understanding potential sources of inspiration as well as distraction, and assessing the current workplace, including its pros, cons and potentials


Preparing a design brief that defines the drivers and objectives for the design, clarifies priorities, outlines opportunities, and presents strategies for achieving the goals of the project


Researching reference projects and case studies; reviewing relevant scientific research studies, and discussing these with you to better understand your preferences and your sense of aesthetics

Concept design

Preparing concept design of floor layout, partitions, furniture, fittings, decoration, and systems for capturing ideas


Providing ongoing assistance with any questions or challenges that may come up during this process, and collaboration with external consultants and contractors

Fine tuning

Reviewing how the design objectives have been met after the completion of the works, and providing solutions for adapting / ‘fine tuning’ the workplace during the first 3-6 months of ...