Survey and audit

Through a workshop and survey, we explore the organisation’s values, goals, needs and resources; we also look at how people work, and explore potential sources of support as well as ...

Assistance with site selection

We look at building site or tenancy options, and assess their potential for accommodating a workplace that would enhance work and business performance


We prepare a design brief that defines the drivers and objectives for the design, clarifies priorities, outlines opportunities, and presents strategies for achieving the goals of the project

Workplace strategy

Based on the understanding of the organisation’s objectives and how people work, we provide advice for aligning the work environment with the organisation’s work patterns to enable people to perform ...


We research reference projects and case studies, review relevant scientific studies, and discuss these with our clients to better understand which design options would best suit their specific needs

Design concept

We prepare a design concept in line with the agreed objectives of the project – including space types, floor layout, partitioning systems, furniture, fittings, decoration, and use of technology and ...


We assess the pros and cons of different design options, including estimated costs, benefits and returns, and provide recommendations for solutions that would provide the best value for the organisation

Detailed design and product selection

We develop detailed design of interiors and fitout items (e.g. furniture, shading systems, lighting solutions), and if required, we also research suppliers and select specific products and systems

Environmental requirements

We ensure that the space is designed in line with mandatory or voluntary environmental requirements (i.e. the space is environmentally efficient) and assist with the preparation of relevant administrative documents

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing assistance with any questions or challenges that may come up during the implementation process, and ensure that the design is completed in accordance with the project’s original ...

Consultant liaison

We liaise with external consultants and contractors, prepare consultant briefs, and if required, we also build and manage the team of consultants and contractors, and oversee construction works

Fine tuning

3-6 months after the completion of works we review how the design objectives have been met, and provide recommendations for adapting or ‘fine tuning’ the workplace (or the way it ...